Our size and experience enables us to perform the complex and sophisticated work our clients require.

We will be eternally grateful that our paths have crossed and we were introduced to you (Bill Thorsness).  The professionalism and competence we experienced from you was remarkable.  Finding an attorney like you is not common.  You made putting our lives, and that of our children, in your hands a comfortable experience.

L.S.M. and K.A.M

I want to acknowledge the gratefulness that my wife and I have for the professionalism and help that Bill Thorsness and his team provided us in our financial planning and incorporating our will into it.  We have five children and 18 grandchildren and we’re looking at a way to be able to preserve some of our assets to transfer to our children and grandchildren upon our deaths.  It is a very complicated situation and I didn’t have any knowledge going into our meetings with Bill.  After he initially met with us, he spent time developing a plan that he presented to us in a manner that we could understand. 

After we left his office, both my wife and I felt very comfortable with the plan that he developed.  He definitely had our best interest and the interest of our family in mind when he put it together.  I would recommend him and his team to you for your estate planning.

We are very grateful to him for helping us develop this comprehensive plan.


Greg Smith is not only my attorney, but also my trusted advisor and an astute sounding board for all real estate issues. I particularly value Greg’s strong and consistent attention to detail and his desire to fully understand my situation, needs and ultimate goals. Greg has and deserves my highest recommendation.


Greg and his team at Lillig & Thorsness have been a valuable resource to our Company on a variety of Corporate matters. He's earned our loyalty for his thoughtful and timely advise.


Our practice has worked with Gregory Smith for the past 30 years. Greg has gotten us through many changes as our business has grown from a two room office at its inception to today’s new state of the art endoscopy center and office clinic. He has worked with our practice in various areas of the medical field which include any and all areas of the business operation. Greg’s particular strength is his attention to detail and follow through. These qualities sanction our commitment to having him as our attorney.


Greg Smith has managed and documented real estate transactions for our company for over 20 years. He is intelligent, diligent, technically superior, and, when the pressure is on, a great source of wit and charm. His diligent attention to detail has protected us when we have tended to push beyond our expertise. He also possesses the flexibility and imagination to look beyond risk, solving problems and finding ways to make a deal possible. Greg has been an invaluable partner in both good years and bad. I highly recommend him.


Greg Smith handled all of my business concerns promptly and professionally. I highly recommend him to my business associates for their legal matters.


Elizabeth has been a guiding light through what would have been a very complicated process. She kept us on track until we found the right solutions. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your skills…and mostly for your caring.

B.S. and L.S.

Surrounding oneself with wise counsel is advice one will read in any decent book on personal or business development, including one of the most famous ones, a book called Proverbs. I met Elizabeth Hambrick-Stowe about 10 years ago and have benefited from her expertise, professionalism, depth of character and wise counsel over those years.

I also appreciate Elizabeth’s ability to take some of the complex legal issues and make them simple enough for me to understand. Whether the issue is estate planning or my small businesses issues, I know I can count on the planning and preparation she has provided to fit my needs and concerns.

I highly recommend Elizabeth Hambrick-Stowe and the firm of Lillig & Thorsness for providing all your personal and business legal needs.


Elizabeth, First, thanks again for all your help in seeing this estate administration thru the past year. I realize this is your job, but, having your calming demeanor and above and beyond going to the house for meetings has really eased the whole process.


Thank you for your assistance in dealing with the passing of my father. It was greatly appreciated. All that advanced planning and preparation really simplified things greatly.


Elizabeth was always very timely and helpful in response to any questions I, as executor, or my siblings had in regards to my Mother’s estate. She made the year plus of dealing with the estate relatively painless and her organized, detailed approach helped prevent difficulties/unpleasantness with one particularly unstable sibling/beneficiary.


For more than a decade, our organization has relied upon the exceptional representation provided by Adrian Mendoza and the attorneys at Lillig and Thorsness. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, their dedication to this client and their attention to detail on our files has resulted in favorable outcomes on countless litigated cases. They have truly exceeded our expectations.

J.K., Director of Litigation

Ed Sherman assisted my business with an insurance coverage issue and legal defense matter. Ed provided me with an upfront legal strategy that he followed through to completion. Ed also was conscious of keeping me informed throughout my entire matter.


On several occasions I have needed assistance with landlord/tenant issues. Ed Sherman has provided prompt service with well-thought out strategies for my business to achieve its goals.


Angela Iaria provided concise and professional council regarding our new home purchase. Her assistance was invaluable when it came to covering all the nuances that go along with a real estate closing.


Although our company is a small business we still have the need for legal advice and services on occasion. Joe Robinson and the team at Lillig & Thorsness have provided sound advice in a consistent professional and prompt manner on every occasion. It is comforting to know that our business is kept to a high standard regarding all the legal requirements.

My wife and I and extended family have also have had a great experience working with Lillig & Thorsness . They have prepared everything from our wills to trusts to real estate ventures in a completely satisfactory way. We consider their advice to be invaluable.

We would highly recommend Joe Robinson and the associates at Lillig & Thorsness for any legal service.


Joe Robinson has been an outstanding advisor to our Company. Although the business is modest, we have complex issues which he has helped us address. He has been forthright in representing both his own expertise as well as Lillig & Thorsness, a candor that is invaluable. He has a sincere concern about the welfare of our business. Our shareholders have appreciated his diligence and honesty, too. Selecting Joe and Walter Morrissey has been one of our best decisions.


Lillig & Thorsness, Ltd. has provided our company with trusted legal advice for nearly a decade. The firm has an excellent team of attorneys who are both responsive and knowledgeable of current legal issues. Thank you, Lillig & Thorsness, for all of your help over the years!


Good Morning Adrian,
I can’t thank you enough for the referral of our estate planning. Bill Thorsness is such a nice guy and we feel very comfortable and confident with his guidance. While the subject is foreign and somewhat intimidating, Bill provides comprehensive explanations and real life examples to ensure we completely understand the process. It is simply amazing to us that he would stay until 7:00 in the evening to work through our plan.


Marty, thank you for your good work and kindness.

B.P. and S.P.

Angela, thank you for your patience, professionalism, and skill.


Bill, thanks so much for your quality professionalism and wonderful staff.


Bill -
Thank you for all of your time and work yesterday. It was truly a pleasure to watch you work. You are a master of your craft in every facet. You are extremely knowledgeable and an even more talented presenter. Needless to say, everyone was very impressed.


Again, thank you so much to you and your firm for taking on this case, which was not financially advantageous, but which you executed with skill and care to get your client justice.  This speaks volumes of you as a practitioner and member of the Bar.  I don’t know if the practice of law was more honorable in another era, but you certainly remind me of an ideal that I hope to provide in my own practice.


Lillig and Thorsness, Ltd. quickly handled a sizable collections issue with a past client.  Edward Sherman laid out a clear action plan, kept us updated along the way, and ultimately achieved a result better than we had even hoped (100% of outstanding balance plus interest) in just a couple of weeks.  Thanks guys!


My divorce was particularly challenging and made more complex by an ex spouse determined to drag out the proceedings and determined to inflict as much damage as possible to my family and finances. Throughout the process Kiley rose to each challenge and managed my case with an extremely high degree of professionalism and competence often in the face of unusual and desperate tactics. Kiley's empathy and compassion toward my family convinced me that she cared about more than simply the legal aspects of my situation. I would highly recommend Kiley to anyone unfortunate enough to be going through a divorce.


Ms. Whitty is a confident, easy to speak with and work with attorney. She is very professional in the courtroom and in the office at all times. Her response in any inquiry is prompt and thorough. I was reassured and satisfied with the knowledge and advice offered on the legal challenges I faced. Her no-nonsense approach is very comforting. I knew exactly where I stood with the issues we were working on at all times. Ms. Whitty will be highly recommended by me to anyone who asks for a referral for legal representation. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


Kiley Whitty from Anderson & Associates managed to do some pretty amazing things with my case, considering the circumstances. My previous experience with attorneys told me I was in for a long and difficult (and expensive) road. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She took extra time to make sure we were in agreement with where the case was going. They helped my sons mother and I reach an agreement on joint custody and set up a permanent visitation schedule which I thought would never happen. The results I received for the money paid was nothing short of amazing. I couldn't be happier to move on and have everything be settled. I would definitely recommend Kiley and A&A to friends and family. They accomplished everything we set out to do!

Douglas J.

Tom [Oddo], I hope I’ve conveyed my appreciation and respect for your representation.  I like your style, to the point, effective and got the job done.  That’s all I ever wanted.  

L. M.

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