Title Insurance

Lillig & Thorsness has established Illinois Title Company (ITC), a licensed title insurance agent for nationally recognized title insurance companies doing business in Illinois. ITC acts as title agent for First American Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.

Illinois Title Company offers our clients the full spectrum of real estate title services, including:

  • Title search and examination
  • Owner’s and lender’s title insurance commitments and policies
  • Special title policy endorsement coverage
  • Necessary parties examination for judicial proceeding (minutes of foreclosure)
  • Real estate tax and judgment lien searches
  • Title services for both residential and commercial real estate

By combining highly-trained staff and the latest technology, what ITC really offers to our clients is peace of mind that every detail of their title insurance needs is being diligently managed. ITC is even able to extend its title services to property located outside of Illinois, through the national services division of its affiliated title insurance companies. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can help with your title insurance needs.

Attorneys:  Russell R. Custer, Jr.